David Melisse


COMMERCIAL properties

“Real Estate investing, even on a very small scale, remains a tried and true means of building cashflow and wealth”

COMMERCIAL property sourcing

Increasingly investors are approaching us to select income producing properties. We can categorize them in: offices, retail shops, restaurants, warehouse/factories and hotels.

AEGEAN LOCATIONS is able to assist investors with the proper due diligence of commercial properties. Together with our financial experts a detailed revenue prognosis can be organized as well.


Before the purchase of a Commercial property, we will determine if the asking price for a particular property is market conform. AEGEAN LOCATIONS is using software which appraisal companies in Turkey are using as well.


RENT OUT Services

After we assisted you with the purchase of your commercial investment property, AEGEAN LOCATIONS is able to find a suitable tenant for your property. Our extensive database and local platforms are used for this activity.