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LAND sourcing

AEGEAN LOCATIONS can be the full service partner for your development projects in Turkey.

LAND categories

Land can be divided in separate categories like: fields, land and plots. The purchase of fields and lands can be interesting for agriculture or long-term investors. The purchase of fields or agriculture land is a passive investment strategy. Basically an investor receives a capital gain if the land is sold after a certain period.

The purchase of BUILDING PLOTS is a more active investment strategy if the land is bought for development purposes.


AEGEAN LOCATIONS already assisted quite a few development companies with the purchase of suitable building plots for their projects. This activity requires extensive technical, local and legal know-how. In general, we first identify the needs of the development company. Afterwards a selection of appropriate options will be gathered. In this process title deed/dept/cadaster/building permissions are checked. AEGEAN LOCATIONS also cross checks zoning details with specific government zoning departments. Afterwards, a detailed cost/revenue prognosis is made. After a project is finished the properties can be sold via our international client base as well.


Starting a development project in a new region or country is always a challenging task for a construction company. AEGEAN LOCATIONS is providing comprehensive reports including costs plus revenue calculations for our clients. Furthermore, all title deeds and building permissions are verified through various channels and sources.


After we provided all building plot details and analysis, the most suitable plot will be selected for the construction company. Together with our legal and financial advisors official sales agreement and payments structures will be organized.

Architectural DESIGN

If a building plot is selected an architect will be selected with our help. Various designs and floorpans can be considered. In general designs need to fit in the environment. Furthermore there are some restrictions on the amount of floors to be built in certain areas. 

Municipality APPROVAL

The selection of the right architect with good relations at local municipalities is crucial for the approval of your development project. AEGEAN LOCATIONS will connect you with the most suitable architect for your project. 

SELL your finished project via our INTERNATIONAL AGENTS

After your construction project is finished, we can assist you with the sales of the separate finished properties via our INTERNATIONAL agent team.